Oil Fortification to Combat Malnutrition in India

In the Oils and Fats International Magazine, we published a paper in the July/August issue about what oil fortification can mean to the millions of children who live with malnutrition. Our business development manager, Ashwin Raj, goes into detail about how oil fortification is done and how it can improve the lives of these children.

Unfortunately, many are still resistant to the idea of fortification. Here are some myths that Ashwin debunks:

Fortification adds significant cost. The process of fortifying oil with vitamins A, D and E costs US$.001-.002 per kg of oil. The process is neither complex nor requires any special equipment.

The taste and colour of oil changes. The fortification process does not impact the taste of the oil. Research proves that food such as fried potatoes, soup, wheat tortillas, and fried meat cooked in soyabean oil have been accepted by consumers who did not distinguish the taste of food cooked in fortified and non-fortified oil.

The vitamins lose stability while cooking. The vitamins do not lose stability during the cooking process. Normally they are viable for the first three times after which they gradually start to wear out, which is natural.

You can read the entire article by clicking this link.

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