Quality Statement





Quality is the most important part of everything we do. As nutrition providers, we take seriously our role and commitment to meet and exceed every quality requirement, especially of our customers. We ensure that good manufacturing practices, hygiene practices and food safety management systems are followed throughout our entire supply chain of procurement, manufacturing, and delivery of product to the customer.



Both of our manufacturing plants in Nashik and Chennai are up-to-date with the most important certifications in our industry:

  • FSSC 22000-2010
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • GMP
  • Halal Certification



However, quality is much more than just a certificate. It starts with our commitment to source the highest quality ingredients around the world. We have deep relationships with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the world, ensuring that we always get the best quality at a reasonable cost. Additionally, we have traceability protocols built into our systems to be able to identify specific batches in case of any contamination reports.



Every customized product we create is sampled and tested. Each product must pass a stringent test for stability and homogeneity. These reports are included in communication with clients to ensure complete transparency and trust.



Every staff member is trained on the importance of ensuring quality throughout our system. We take great care to make sure everyone is completely knowledgeable on the most important aspects for keeping your products safe throughout the process.


Production Team