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Tackling Malnutrition through the Food System – Why Public-Private Partnerships are necessary.

Key Insights Mr. Ajit Singh, Chairman, ACG Worldwide & Founder president of HADSA (The Health Foods & Dietary Supplements Association Of India) delivered the welcome address at the commencement of the webinar. Highlighting the fatal effects of Malnutrition he said that, “In a country of 1.4 billion people hundreds and thousands of people are afflicted […]
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Nutraceuticals Industry: Challenges and Opportunities in the Emerging Era

By Vikram Kelkar Managing Director Hexagon Nutrition Initiating the presentation, he said that “Nutraceutical is a broad term referring to food or part(s) of food that provides incremental health benefits and can be segregated under two broad heads: Functional food & beverages & Dietary Supplements.” “The Indian nutraceutical business is expanding in leaps and bounds […]
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