From the Chairman's Desk

Mr. Arun Kelkar

~ From the Chairman's Desk ~

Mr. Arun Kelkar

Chairman & Executive Director

Since its inception, Hexagon Nutrition has been working on a vision of managing nutritional challenges. Certainly, it has fulfilled all its objectives and bagged itself an incredible stature in the global nutraceutical market with the diligence and dedication of all its members. Every year, we are adding new feathers to our cap in the form of achievements, awards, and new milestones. I am extremely elated to witness such a steadfast development pace of the company that is also bringing a significant acceleration in the nutraceutical industry. 

Conquering New Heights Despite COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 pandemic brought the worst global economic disruption ever in the last 20 years. It was indeed a time of despair that altered our lifestyles completely. Fortunately, things are under control with the wide availability of vaccines and a gradual reduction in cases. COVID-19 was the moment of realization for Hexagon Nutrition as we got a new perspective towards our business. Hexagon has opened new avenues of opportunities for cultivating a futuristic business culture. I believe turning adversities into opportunities marks the true legacy of Hexagon Nutrition. 

Innovation Sustainability Taking Towards Success
During these troubled times, the path of progress chosen by Hexagon was INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY as KEYS to SUCCESS. Even during the uncertain environment, Hexagon decided to embed sustainability into our blueprints and adopted sustainable practices such as working from home and keeping the manufacturing units operational with permitted staff to prevent any loss or damage.
Following the message of “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” given to the nation by our Honourable Prime Minister, our company has successfully undertaken several initiatives of INNOVATIONS and SUSTAINABILITY in PRODUCTS, PLANT PROCESS. Sustainability
  • Plant expansion projects have been undertaken to enhance production capacities with automation as the primary theme to advocate a sustainable future. 
  • When the world was digitizing, we harnessed the potential of the digital wave and expanded eCommerce supply chains. 
  • Throughout the year, we conducted webinars and kept our presence intact in virtual exhibitions to bring the element of sustainability to our work.

  • Right from the inception of your Company, we at Hexagon have adopted an innovative approach by developing import substitution products.
  • Micronutrient Premixes and later forward integrating with Healthcare Brands namely PENTASURE range.
  • Bringing a complete range of “Malnutrition” products namely MNPs (Micronutrient Powder/Sprinkles), WHO Formula F75 and F100 RUTF and RUSF, Multi-Vitamin tablets for pregnant women, etc. 
  • As a step towards backward integration and firmly believing in the “Atmanirbhar Mission” Hexagon has developed import substitution “Spray-dried Ingredients viz Vitamins etc.
  • Our R&D facility which is a DSIR accredited facility at Chennai SEZ have developed Fortified Rice Kernels popularly called FRK.
  • The development of food-grade ENZYMES for use as an additive in edible wheat flour for bakeries is another step in this direction.
From the finance vertical, irrespective of the sales numbers, my heart swells with pride to say that Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd has attained the status of “Debt Free Company”.   

Human Resources
Our team members are true assets of the company. It is through the combined efforts of all the members that Hexagon Nutrition achieved new milestones. We term it the Hexagon Family and your Company is supporting 432 families. Our HR Department is aiming at making your Company a “Great Place to Work” Moving forward, we continue to nurture our relationships with customers, bankers, investors, legal advisors, and employees. There is enthusiasm among the team to provide quality products to customers at affordable prices. As we continue our journey, we believe in creating better milestones by aligning ourselves with our core values and preferences to be a part of building a new India and creating enduring value for our stakeholders.
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