Chocolate- A healthy snack

Good news for all chocoholics out there!! Chocolates can now be consumed guilt free, as studies prove that chocolate has positive effects in the human body. Being one of the most favourite product for people belonging to all age groups, chocolates are most often associated as an unhealthy snack. This is proven wrong by various studies that show that chocolate is a very healthy snack which when consumed in the ideal quantity, prevents several diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, certain cancers, blood pressure and depression. Dark chocolates are considered as the healthiest amongst all the variants. It contains an alkaloid called theobromine- the active ingredient present in chocolates. This phytochemical is one of the main component amongst the rest that offers several health benefits such as fighting free radicals, reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and thereby improving heart health and decreasing the chances of certain non-communicable diseases such as obesity, cancer and diabetes mellitus. Its optimum level of calories makes it an instant energy provider. Contradictory to the belief that chocolates increase unhealthy weight gain, it ideally help in weight loss when consumed in optimum quantity. Studies have shown that chocolates also have a positive impact on cognitive health, and reduces memory loss. Chocolates are rich in antioxidants that fight cellular damage and improves skin health. They also decrease insulin resistance, reducing the risk of diabetes mellitus. The flavonoids present in chocolates stimulates the nerves that enhances happiness in individuals, hence chocolates are effective anti- depressants. Chocolates hence are natural medicines that prevents so many diseases and hence can be consumed without any guilt.

“DISCLAIMER: This article is not based on real time studies.”
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