CMAM Training

From Feb 22nd to Feb 23rd, Hexagon organized a training program called Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) at Global Hospital in Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

The basic objective of the program was to help Global Hospital set up a malnutrition clinic and treat SAM (Severe Accused Malnourished) and MAM (Moderate Acute Malnourished) children from neighboring villages.

We invited Dr. Sagar Panchal and Dr. Deepak Mishra from Ahmedabad Municipal Hospital to undertake the training. There were 23 local health workers who participated in the training meeting. The session presentations were done in Hindi, the local language in this area.

To prevent malnourishment, the importance and techniques of breastfeeding were highlighted. In order to make the program interactive, demo activities were undertaken with a few children admitted in the hospital. This helped the participants understand how to record growth units of a child, counsel mothers, and identify SAM/MAM children that need to be directed to doctors.

Placed below are some press clippings from the event. We thank all of our partners for a very successful training!

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