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A Move Toward Mandatory Fortification


For the occasion of World Food Safety Day (June 7th), the Association of Food Scientists and Technologists of India put on the Food Safety and Fortification Summit.

At this historical event, Shri Pawan Kumar Agarwal, CEO of FSSAI, said, “FSSAI has taken a decision that we can take fortification of edible oil.” He went on to say that the transition should not be difficult as the technology is already readily in play and there are many experienced international players in India. “Both edible oil and milk can be fortified with Vitamin A & D. As we gain more experience, we might go for mandatory fortification as well,” he said.

The event was also sponsored by GAIN and featured presentations on the importance of food safety and fortification. Among those industry leaders present were General Mills, Marico, Prabhat Dairy, and Hexagon Nutrition.

All those in attendance were advocating for more fortification of food to address the issues of malnourishment in India. Speakers stressed on how beneficial fortification is for consumers and for the nation as a whole. Fortification of other staple foods such as rice is already a serious focus for Maharashtra and these tools can combat nutrient deficiency in India.

About the event, Mr. Vikram Kelkar, Joint Managing Director for Hexagon Nutrition said, “It is a great milestone in the history of India that we are gradually moving towards a mandatory fortification regime. “As a industry partner” and a micronutrient premix supplier, we pledge our support to the Government and the food industry to share our expertise in the best possible way.”

Fortification has become a focal point for India as it meets the nutritional and health demands of the country. Hexagon Nutrition is proud to stand beside the government as it pursues these worthy solutions.

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