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FEB , 2019

Hexagon Nutrition

Food Marketing and technology magazine [+]

OCT 1, 2018

Hexagon Nutrition

Interview published in ‘The Smart CEO Magazine’ Healthcare Special issue in the month of October 2018[+]

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

july, 2018

Hexagon Nutrition

An article on Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) was published in a Marathi Periodical “Loksatta Purnabrahma” – a publication of Indian Express. The publication has articles from 18 senior dietitians from across Maharashtra on various diets. Ms Sukhada Bhatte-Paralkar from the Regulatory and Nutrition department has contributed to the article on VLCD. [+]

Flour Fortification: An effective medium to improve the nutritional status of people

feb, 2018

Hexagon Nutrition

“Turkey is one of the largest exporters of flour in the world and therefore serves as a central powerhouse to distribute fortified flour and help eradicate malnutrition in the world. Fortifying flour in Turkey can aid in curbing malnutrition in Central Asia and the Middle East since most of the flour is exported to these regions.” [+]


Aug, 2017

A Tool in Curbing the Incidence of Malnutrition in India

Fortified/functional packaged food is benefiting strongly from rising disposable income levels in India, with this encouraging many consumers to trade up to value-added products. These products are also benefiting from a strong health and wellness trend, with many increasingly focused on obtaining optimum nutrition.

Consequently, consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for fortified/functional packaged food, with this trend proving particularly strong in rural areas towards the end of the review period.

Growing rural demand is thus compensating for increasing maturity for some products in major cities.” [+]


JUL, 2017

Food Notes:

With an enhanced product portfolio, additional production capacities and packaging options, SternLife is strengthening its market position. The private label supplier in the innovative health, sport and lifestyle nutrition sector focuses on creative product concepts which offer its customers’ brands and private labels considerable value-added potential.

Managing Director Florian Bayerlein explains: “We don’t simply manufacture products for private labels. We see ourselves as the driver of ideas and impetus for our customers. Our market and nutritional experts know which raw materials and active ingredients are on trend, and which healthy and tasty products are currently popular with consumers.

This is the basis on which we develop new concepts and implement them together with our customers.” [+]

Drink Trends

JUN, 2017


Water is one of the most essential elements that sustains life on earth. From the simplest form of life, microbes, to complex forms of life, water is the most critical factor. Almost 60% of human body is made up of water, thereby emphasizing its importance.

It plays several important roles in the human body, such as acting as- a carrier for nutrients and other molecules; controller of body temperature; lubricant for organs; eliminator of toxins from the body.

Water based beverages have created a buzz in the industry invoking special interest among health-conscious consumers. [+]

Flavour Fortification

JUN, 2017

Ashwin Raj and Dheepthi Suganya explore the scope for fortification in the confectionery market

Confectionery occupies an exclusive space within the food and beverage segment. Many people have a sweet tooth, making them constantly crave sweets such as candies and chocolates. The confectionery industry has been meeting consumers’ demands to satisfy their taste palates by launching new and innovative products for years.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global confectionery market was worth around $184 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach around $232bn by 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4 per cent. The confectionery market is witnessing the entry of several new products that are loaded with innovations that claim to add value to the existing conventional [+]

Healthy Flavor

Mar 7, 2017

Flavor is the element of essence in a food or beverage. The sensory attributes of the food play a critical role in consumer acceptability, and flavors are one of the key contributors in enhancing the sensory appeal. Flavors are very important to food processing industries, as they give an identity to the products – from citrus to smoked flavors, a product undergoing the same process can be differentiated by the added flavors. The addition of flavors is one of the simplest techniques to diversity the range of the products and evoke interest among consumers. [+]

The Scope of Fortifying Dairy Products

OCT 8, 2016

We recently published an article in Natural Products Insider regarding the state of dairy fortification. You can see an excerpt here:

“Though milk and other dairy products serve as excellent sources of essential nutrients, some people do not receive their daily dose of such nutrients from them due to several factors. Most dairy products, including milk, undergo several processing methods such as heating, pasteurization, spray drying and ultra-heat treatment (UHT) that may lead to the loss of certain natural nutrients present in the original source. Therefore, there exists a dire need to replenish the lost nutrients back to the source.” [+]

Oil Fortification to Combat Malnutrition in India

SEP 6, 2016

In the Oils and Fats International Magazine, we published a paper in the July/August issue about what oil fortification can mean to the millions of children who live with malnutrition. Our business development manager, Ashwin Raj, goes into detail about how oil fortification is done and how it can improve the lives of these children.

Unfortunately, many are still resistant to the idea of fortification. Here are some myths that Ashwin debunks:

Fortification adds significant cost. The process of fortifying oil with vitamins A, D and E costs US$.001-.002 per kg of oil. The process is neither complex nor requires any special equipment. [+]

The Emergence of Nutraceuticals

AUG 31, 2016

Our Business Development Manager, Ashwin Raj, recently published an article in Ingredients South Asia on The Emergence of Nutraceuticals in their late August 2016 edition.

The article is on the emergence of nutraceutical in the Indian market and how they are expected to grow. From the article:

“Increasing incidence of lifestyle disorders has caused a serious threat to people around the world. These include cardiovascular disorders and obesity, which lead to a series of life-threatening diseases, bone and joint-related problems and also some psychological and cognitive complications. The fact that unhealthy food in addition to other extrinsic factors plays a major role in causing such disorders is a topic worth debating about. People have thus become extremely cautious and therefore have started to resort to preventative actions than reactionary ones.” [+]

Big Market in Functional Beverages

AUG 2, 2016

Beverages are one of the most desirable mediums for carrying micronutrients. There are an array of beverage categories that are fortified, with dairy, vitamin water and energy drinks seeing an upsurge in demand in their beverage sections.

Hexagon Nutrition supplies many manufacturers with the micronutrient premixes needed to offer high-quality, high-functional beverages to consumers.

Our Business Development Manager, Ashwin Raj, recently published an article in Asia Food Beverage on what the market needs to know about functional beverages and fortification. [+]

Enteral Nutrition

MAY 2016

Clinical Nutrition refers to nutrition management of hospitalised and out patients aiming at keeping a healthy energy balance providing adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

The maintenance of appropriate nutrition in patients with acute and chronic illness is known to be a fundamental part of patient care. Hospitalised patients are often too sick to obtain energy and nutrients they need by consuming foods. When this occurs, nutrition must be supplied in a different way, either by enteral route or parenteral route. [+]

Enteral/Oral Glutamine Supplementation in Patients Following Abdominal Surgery

MAR 24, 2015

The objective of this investigation was to study the effect of enteral/oral glutamine supplementation in patients following abdominal surgery on plasma glutamine levels, rate of infection and Length Of Hospitalization (LOS).

A randomized control trial was used and the patients were randomly divided into two groups namely experimental and control with 15 participants each.

Glutamine supplement (0.5g/kg) was administered (oral and enteral) to the experimental group for a period of 5 days post-surgery immediately after the feeding began. [+]

Govt needs To commit to fortification for staple foods

Since 1991, Hexagon Nutrition has sought to develop a strong foundation as a company and get the basics right: relevant, affordable products and services to its end users, healthcare providers, and stake holders.

The company has been at the forefront of research, delivering innovations in the nutrition industry and leading the way in the market.

Hexagon Nutrition has provided reliable and unmatched service to both domestic and international markets with a presence in 70 countries. [+]

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