Social media and its impact on kids

With the development in technology, social life evolved from meeting friends directly to staying connected through social media. A person is claimed to be socially healthy if he has a strong presence in different social blogs. The concept of meeting people directly and spending quality time is slowly diminishing, affecting the real human connect. Kids of this generation are also victims to this trend of spending major chunk of their time in the virtual world. Having accounts in different social blogs and updating their day to day activities has become the most favourite hobby of children. Although it has several advantages such as staying updated about the current happenings in the world, it has resulted in reduced participation of kids in sports and other social activities. Children prefer to stay in house with their computers rather than spending time outdoors. Studies are showing that being too active in social media impacts the cognitive health and logical thinking process of kids. Apart from affecting the mental health of kids, social media also paves way for cybercrimes against children. Risks of strangers receiving personal information about the child through the content shared by the child in social media increases chances of cyber bullying and kidnaps. Parents have to observe their kid’s activity on social blogs very keenly. They also have to ensure that the kids spend quality time in the real world by engaging themselves in different sports and extracurricular activities, and a very lean time in the reel world.
“DISCLAIMER: This article is not based on real time studies.”
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