Why is breakfast the most important meal?

In today’s fast moving world, breakfast is a meal that falls into the low priority list of an individual. Waking up with a big to- do list every day, no one finds time to have breakfast and tend to skip it. The importance of breakfast is completely under estimated, and is generally omitted from the day’s diet. It is the very first source of nutrition that is provided to the body after a minimum of 8 hours’ gap. The entire night fasting causes the body to be deprived of essential nutrients including energy. The food consumed during breakfast is the prime source of energy for the body, as well as for the brain. Having a balanced and nutritious breakfast reduces the risk of several non- communicable diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Blood sugar levels are maintained by having breakfast every day. It also aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism. The gastric juices secreted in the stomach during the night tends to inflame the stomach and this leads to gastric problems such as ulcer. Having breakfast prevents such gastric diseases as the juices will be utilized for the digestion of the food. There is a myth that skipping breakfast leads to weight loss, factually skipping breakfast leads to unhealthy weight gain. Having a well-planned breakfast, consisting sufficient portions of cereals, dairy, vegetables, fruits and eggs is the ideal way to start a day. A well balanced meal ensures that every nutrient requirement is met. Starting your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast is the ideal way to kick start your day to remain mentally and physically active throughout the day. Kick start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast to stay fit both mentally as well as physically.
“DISCLAIMER: This article is not based on real time studies.”
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