From the Chairman's Desk

Mr. Arun Kelkar

~ From the Chairman's Desk ~

Mr. Arun Kelkar

Chairman & Executive Director

Since the year 1993, Hexagon Nutrition has been working on a vision of managing nutritional challenges. Certainly, it has fulfilled all its objectives and bagged itself an incredible stature in the global nutraceutical market with the diligence and dedication of all its members. Every year, we are adding new feathers to our cap in the form of achievements, awards, and new milestones. I am extremely elated to witness such a steadfast development pace of the company that is also bringing a significant acceleration in the nutraceutical industry. We aim to strategically explore new potentials, seize new opportunities, implement emerging trends, synergize strengths and bring perfection.

Micronutrient Premixes and Clinical Nutrition

Micronutrient premixes, one of the three verticals and export potential of Hexagon Nutrition have been accelerating at a good pace. Hexagon Nutrition also has been harnessing the potential of clinical nutrition by putting the best foot forward and bringing innovation to the table by introducing new umbrella brand namely “NUTRONE”.

Innovation Sustainability Taking Towards Success

Over a period of times, the path of progress chosen by Hexagon was INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY as KEYS to SUCCESS. Following the message of  “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” given to the nation by our Honourable Prime Minister, our company has successfully undertaken several initiatives of INNOVATIONS and SUSTAINABILITY in PRODUCTS, PLANT PROCESS.

Human Resources

Our team members are true assets of the company. It is through the combined efforts of all the members that Hexagon Nutrition achieved new milestones. We term it as the Hexagon Family and your Company is supporting many families. Our HR Department is aiming at making your Company a “Great Place to Work” Moving forward, we continue to nurture our relationships with customers, bankers, investors, legal advisors, and employees. There is enthusiasm among the team to provide quality products to customers at affordable prices. As we continue our journey, we believe in creating better milestones by aligning ourselves with our core values and preferences to be a part of building a new India and creating enduring value for our stakeholders.
Nutritionally yours………
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