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Pentasure 2.0

A renowned nutrition supplement for malnutrition and meeting protein-calorie goals. Fulfills high energy and high protein requirements and/ or fluid restrictions.

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Pentasure DM

Balanced nutrition for diabetic patients to reduce fluctuating blood sugar levels formulated under guidelines of the American Diabetic Association and the WHO

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A complete & safe source of balanced nutrition for weight improvement & athropometry management. Offers optimum Protein & Calories for your nutrition goals.

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Pentasure HP

An enriched nutrition protein formula for Hyper catabolic and high stress clinical conditions. It is enriched with antioxidants and fibre for a balanced and clean protein intake.

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Pentasure Hepatic

Penta Sure Hepatic is Balanced Nutrition formula for patients with Hepatic Insufficiency. 100% Whey protein based, enriched with MCT and BCAA. Safe for diabetes patients.

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It is a carbohydrate supplement exclusively designed to support Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol.

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PentaSure Renal

An adequate protein calorie dense formula for patients with compromised Kidney function. It is low in electrolytes making it an ideal nutrition supplement for the patients.

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PentaSure DLS

A high protein calorie dense formula for patients on dialysis. 100% whey protein based. Low in electrolytes making it an ideal nutrition supplement for dialysis patients.

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Pentasure Fiber

A taste-free, light weight fibre supplement in form of resistant maltodextrin.  It is a healthy supplement supports in treatment of [GI] related disorders and metabolic syndrome.

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PentaSure Critipep

100% Peptide based formula for malabsorption and maldigestion. 100% Whey Peptide & MCT based formula. Safe for Diabetics. Ideal for Jejunostomy feeds.

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PentaSure ImmunoMax

High Protein High Calorie formula & unique blend of 3 immunonutrients- Arginine, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and RNA Nucleotides.

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Meta Gluta ZS

Immunoboosting Formula enriched with Glutamine, Zinc and selenium. Sucralose based. Safe for Diabetics. Orange Flavored.

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Kaltame is a sucralose based sweetner. Zero calorie. Safe for Diabetes. Easy to use sachets.

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