From the Joint Managing Director

Dr. Nikhil Kelkar

Joint Managing Director

The Dawn Of Clinical Nutrition 
As the clinical nutrition market is gaining momentum across the globe, Hexagon Nutrition is privileged enough to be among brands for Clinical Nutrition and Wellness that are marketed under our Healthcare Division for Domestic as well as Exports. The medical sector is embracing clinical nutrition as a holistic treatment solution for patients; the reason being faster patient recovery and optimal health results. Hexagon Nutrition has been harnessing the potential of clinical nutrition by putting the best foot forward and bringing innovation to the table. 

Brand Performance At Its Best: 
I am pleased to inform you that Pentasure Brands have been the choice of nutrition brand for Covid patients in all major hospitals as a trusted brand. If we talk about numbers, the brand’s sales were at INR 434.12 Mio in 2020-21.
We have quite big and visionary thoughts to take Hexagon Nutrition to greater heights. For instance, we are expanding our hospital and retail presence at various locations. At Hexagon, we believe in Omnichannel presence; we want to make our presence felt in all domains of health and nutrition. Our vision is to be synonymous with complete nutraceutical solutions. Apart from regular trade channels, E-commerce channels are exploding amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With increasing awareness about improving our immunity, demand for Immunonutrition products like Pentasure immunomax has increased. Pentasure being the flagship Brand of the company is an umbrella brand with 10 Brand extensions catering to all disease-specific segments like critical care, diabetes, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, etc, Major Pentasure brands include-Pentasure, Pentasure DM, Pentasure HP, Pentasure 2.0 Pentasure Renal, Pentasure DLS; Pentasure Hepatic, Pentasure Critipep, Pentasure Immunomax. With the latest addition of our new Brand Pentasure Fibre, our portfolio has been further extended and addressing the need of the Fibre supplement market. As for our Brand Exports, markets are recovering in all countries of Asia, South East Asia, MEA, and Latin America. In the coming years, Hexagon Nutrition is all set to explore better growth possibilities on all fronts owing to product acceptance and Trademark registrations in several countries.

Innovative Growth Strategy For Brand Expansion
  • We are adopting a three-pronged strategy for increasing the sales revenue.
  • Expand the territories to cover tier 2 and tier 3 cities with newly established hospitals and generate demand.
  • Focus on generating Institutional Sales across India from Chain of Hospitals, Large Municipal Hospitals, PSUs in various sectors Ike Oil and Gas, Steel Plants, Heavy Engineering, Railways, Defence, and many more.
  • Fully explore E-commerce having immense potential with proper strategic planning.
In a nutshell, the company holds a credible and staunch position in the Clinical Nutrition segment compared to other players with a focus on expanding its reach. We at Hexagon are indeed optimistic and upbeat on the growth potential and looking forward to a bright future of the nutraceutical industry with our solutions.
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